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Firearms Training Albany

Highly experienced in safety, firearms-training and defensive shooting skills, with over 20 years of experience professionally training firearms enthusiasts.  With step by step, customized training programs, improve your safety and skills.  

Private lessons for beginners and experienced shooters alike!

  • Private lessons available for ladies, men, couples.
  • Special training curriculum for ladies.
  • Pre-license training.

Proper handling and control of firearms:

  • Training for concealed carry.
  • Defensive skills for home and away.
  • Low light training.

Qualification training:

  • Preparing for HR218 qualification.
  • Security guard preparation .
  • Officer training before qualifying.

Large, heated range

  • Use your own ammo.

For more information or to schedule instructional classes, contact Mr. Lansing E. Sickles:  518-577-1044